Focus: Ukraine – United Kingdom

Kyiv Critics’ Week, the biggest autumn film festival in Kyiv, brings the best of world cinema to the local audience and holds several cross-sectoral events with film and media representatives.

A goal of the festival is to promote the profession of film criticism and contribute to the cultural discourse of the country, ultimately to transform national cinematography, including raising industry standards and showcasing the work internationally.

Each year festival curators work with a specific country to create a cross-border dialogue between critics and filmmakers, share industry knowledge and promote each other’s cinema through media.

This year’s programme focuses on deepening the ties between the UK and Ukraine by screening three recent films from the two countries and holding discussions with critics, filmmakers and viewers. The UK will be presented by The Critics’ Circle, a national body of British critics for dance, drama, film, music, books and visual arts.

As per the programme, the following films will be screened at Zhovten cinema:   

  1. Reflection by Valentyn Vasyanovych 2021, 125` Ukraine
  2. Pamfir by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk 2022, 100` Ukraine, France, Poland, Chile, Luxembourg, Germany
  3. Rock Paper Grenade by Iryna Tsilyk, 2022, 92` Ukraine
  4. Enys Men by Mark Jenkin, 2022, 91` United Kingdom
  5. Limbo by Ben Sharrock, 2020, 103` United Kingdom
  6. Sweetheart by Marley Morrison 2021, 103` United Kingdom

See details about the festival here:

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